About me
Love to Krea. Maria Blok Hansen. Hello.

Welcome to my universe

I'm an autodidact artist.

I work with exciting ideas in my study in Vanløse.

My head is filled with ideas and my hands usually covered in paint or glue.


My favorite projects are handmade notebooks

& collages with vintage paper and scrap.

And of course, decorating my Bullet Journal notebook.

It is like an art journal for me, where I can express my passion

for design and colors. And travelling off cource.

After years of hunting flea markets around the world, mostly in France, searching for paper and scraps, my store of ephemera and vintage

has become like a treasure chest.

Treasures that gives my books and collages a unique look and

a special expression.


Love to hear from you by MAIL

Maria Blok Hansen - Love to Krea

Love to Krea. Maria Blok Hansen. Workshop. Bookart. Paperlove.

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